Jan 1, 2024

2024 - Second Year as Official Club

Well, what a year that was and what a first year for our club! Thank you to all of you for putting your trust, faith, and passion into our club. Without you, none of this could be – so thank you! Also, a big thank you to the staff and board members of our club who sacrificed their time to ensure that club keeps moving forward!

Outlook 2024 

  • Bimmerfest 2024 [weekend event Netherlands] 

  • HGT’24 - Artic Circle [10 Days tour Norway] 

  • Green Hell’24 [long weekend event, Germany] 

  • Club Sunday Meet [Sunday’s events USA] 

Membership fees have changed for those of you wishing to renew for 2024. Those of you renewing will receive a 5-euro discount, which means it is only 14 euros for outside Europe and 34 inside Europe.  In addition to this, if you bring a new member with you, your membership cost will be 17 or 7 euros depending on your location.  If you are bringing in a new member, please provide their full name and once their membership has been confirmed, your membership price will be reduced.

Associated Benefits 

Most of our benefits are listed on our website: https://www.bmwpcc.com/members

All the discount codes will be shared only after your membership payment has been received. You will get a new email with a full list of the benefits that are granted to you.  

Please read carefully and understand the email as there is essential and classified information there that details terms of use, for example, that discount codes may only be used by you as an official member and are not to be shared with third parties.  

But there are a few things we would like to point out. As an official member, we will take care of you, and we have some gifts to share with you when we meet at any of this year’s upcoming events!  

Your official Member Cards are ordered via BCNL and are handed out on March 6th, 2024, during the first meeting with BCNL in 2024. From there we will be distributing the members’ cards with you during events or sending them via post.  

A second round happens in July for members who join the club later in the year, then in January 2025 and so on.  

If you are not attending events that we planned and, for example, you live outside Europe with lower availability to attend our events, you will still receive the gifts and members’ cards.   

 Official Car Club Stickers  

  • Every quarter we will donate a lovely and free canvas frame picture of your car featuring the club logo – this will be done via an online raffle¹ 

  • Special present ‘frame’ for members 

  • Customized Club t-shirts for those who attend events 

  • Etc.  



As we had such a fantastic year, we have decided to put a calendar of some of our best memories from 2023! The first batch has already sold out, but please contact Alexander Hoppe to place your interest.  There will be a 2nd batch ordered, so don’t miss out!  

Finally, pay some attention to the following.   

We are always looking for members to support our board!  

A Club like ours runs on volunteers, insofar as none of our club board members, Facebook moderators, WhatsApp admins, etc, receive any kind of pay or compensation but provide their own valuable time.  If you are interested in sharing some of the workload, please let us know! 

After all, the club is there for members, by the members! So, if you are interested, let us know.  

¹Previous winners of excluded, i.e. your name can only be drawn once. 

Ultimate driving machine regards,

Your BMW Performance Car Club Board

About Me
Alexander Hoppe

My biggest passion is cars, more specifically BMW and motorsport.  I love to drive fast and discover the cars limits on the racetrack.   I have completed 1000+ laps of the Nordschleife, as well as track events on  some other tracks. For the members of the BMWPCC I want to share this experience on  club events.


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