Mar 11, 2023

BMW Dusseldorp & Gallery Aaldering’23

Gallery Aaldering is rapidly shaping up to becoming one of Classic’s most popular slots in our busy calendar. If you’ve been to our previous event there, it goes without saying but if you didn’t manage it, well, it’s high time you got yourself down to spectacular car scene show.

Since 2020 the first time we visit Gallery Aaldering that we knew this would be a spot that we’ll be visiting year after year as there’s a immensive diversity of beautiful automotive cars displayed and besides the car scene is unique. In between we’ll be visitting BMW Dusseldorp in Apeldoorn before we arrive Brummen. It runs for around three hours from 13h to 16h. Therefore, enough time for an blast experience, some welcome injection of caffeine and BMW-related conversation. And then back in time to take your other rest of day out for some outing. Or you could take the long way home. hope to see on the 11 March.

A little about both places.

BMW Dusseldorp

BMW, MINI and ALPINA. Since 1959.

We take you back in time. Are you ready? It all started in the year 1909. As a family business, Dusseldorp opened its two-wheeler company in Lichtenvoorde. It wasn’t long before the family business made the switch to four-wheelers. Due to the growth of the company, the family business was forced to move to a larger location. They found this in Apeldoorn in 1959; in the same year the first BMW was sold, after which Dusseldorp was recognized as the first Dutch BMW dealer. Over the years we have grown into a company where we all share the same thing: our love and passion for BMW. Whether you come by to buy new or used BMW, bring your current BMW for maintenance or if you simply want to visit the largest BMW range in the Netherlands: you are welcome at Dusseldorp BMW at all times.

Gallery Aaldering

Since 1975

Gallery Aaldering is a family owned business since 1975. Founder Nico Aaldering and his son Nick are responsible for operational and executive management. The company has been in Brummen since 1987 and started on the location where we currently have our second workshop and detailing shop.


As a family owned business Gallery Aaldering is proud of its history and traditions, but the future is just as important. At the heart of this all is the passion for classic automobiles. For that reason we participate in the most impressive classic car rally in the world, the Mille Miglia.

A deeply rooted love for cars. You will find this in both our genes and the identity of this family owned business.

PROGRAM – Saturday 11th March: 10h – 16h

  • 10h – Comfort Carwash – Boogschutterstraat 20, 7324 AG Apeldoorn

  • 10h20 – Arriving BMW Dusseldorp – Kayersdijk 150, 7332 AW Apeldoorn, Netherlands

  • 10h30 – Reception (coffee, tea and soft drinks) (downstairs)

  • 10h45 – Viewing all BMWs + ALPINAs (downstairs)

  • 11h00 – Viewing BMW M3 GTS + short presentation about Dusseldorp with a snack (upstairs)

  • 11h30 – Further viewing of all the cars (everywhere)

  • 11h50 – Departure towards Brummen

  • 12h15 – Arriving Gallery Aaldering

  • 12h30-16h – Visit Gallery Aaldering (it will be served some coffee,tea and sausage roll or apple pie with whipped cream).

Here's some bits and bites of our day.

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Alexander Hoppe

My biggest passion is cars, more specifically BMW and motorsport.  I love to drive fast and discover the cars limits on the racetrack.   I have completed 1000+ laps of the Nordschleife, as well as track events on  some other tracks. For the members of the BMWPCC I want to share this experience on  club events.


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