Jun 11, 2023

Bimmerfest 23 | Largest BMW event in The Netherlands

With over 3.000 BMW’s at the Bimmerfest event, this event may be seen as one of the largest BMW event in the world.

After a great time to Bimmerfest over last years we knew we'd be back again, this time with around 20 cars to display on the M Oval.

Members commitment

Having a group of very high level and members coming from four different countries, namely the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany and the host Netherlands, the approximately twenty cars represented began the long weekend with a visit on Friday to the Classic Park in the region from Boxtel.

The usual fun

As incredible as it may seem, since our club has been present at Bimmerfest we have been fortunate to find a magnificent atmosphere and this time was no exception. Our morning trip is always one of the moments that gives us immense joy. As some of the members have just joined the group and it is also time for some introductions between the members. Of course, cars end up being the topic of the moment. After this moment, it's time to head towards Oval.

Let the show begin

After the interesting experience of parking our cars at the Oval, it's time to enjoy the event. Here are some photos for your viewing pleasure.

BMW clubs from far and wide were represented, with BMWs from the 1970s to the 2020s on display.  Before long the weather was 34 degrees and it had people running for the shade, but those brave enough were treated to a stunning display of BMWs ranging from completely factory stock to extremely modified.  If that wasn't enough, there were numerous vendors offering various parts such as seats and alloys, to exhaust and audio upgrades.

Our club were positioned near the entry / exit corner which gave us a great view as the cars filtered in and we attempted to spot the rarities which would no doubt attend.

Club Engagement

Joining our events isn't only about cars - it's also about gathering in a different ways. We had a great time in a local Italian restaurant in Venray where happiness and good times were all present.


Another successful participation for our club and our members. The first of many times at the Oval! Thank you all and see you next year Venray.

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Alexander Hoppe

My biggest passion is cars, more specifically BMW and motorsport.  I love to drive fast and discover the cars limits on the racetrack.   I have completed 1000+ laps of the Nordschleife, as well as track events on  some other tracks. For the members of the BMWPCC I want to share this experience on  club events.


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