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Oldenzaal Classics | Europe’s greatest in vintage BMW


We started out of a passion for cars, especially classic cars. It is this passion that has allowed us to grow into a fully-fledged company. Over the years, the size of our company has grown, but our attitude has not changed. It is our passion to be able to offer you exactly the car you have been looking for, for so long.

A CHILDHOOD DREAM | That became reality

Do you remember? When you were a kid, you had all kinds of posters in your room, including the car of your dreams. Imagine that car in your driveway. A real “Joi de Vivre” moment, is there! We make your dreams come true. Because it should not just be a car. It should be a car you have always wanted to drive. If you are willing to make that dream real / come true, you have come to the right place. We take care of your classic car, restored to perfection as if it just rolled off the assembly line. Quality is more important than quantity.

A BAVARIAN PASSION | For carguys, from carguys

To work with and on BMW-classics on the highest level, of course we need to be completely into the brand, the models and the mechanicals ourselves. For years we have been active with the brand and the details – both professionally as privately. The vintage BMW’s don’t share any technical secrets for our specialists in the workshop. Tuning the injection system correctly? Setting the ignition just right? The right suspension for the right customer – all possible! Conversion to a 5-speed gearbox in your car or the installation of air conditioning – nothing new. But also correct bodywork, beautiful leather or the restoration of the interior we do in-house.

About Me
Joao Toscano

My role in the club is to ensure good governance and committees, with good cooperation in a good atmosphere. Of course I’m  also the figurehead of our beautiful club. However, where possible I will give space to other members. Together we make our club.


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