Aug 26, 2023

MOTORWORLD Munich| BMW Welt & Museum | BMW Group Classics

A BMW Enthusiast's Dream: Exploring Motorworld , BMW Welt, BMW Museum, BMW Classics and More on My Epic European Road Trip with BMWPCC

Storyteller: Chris Cilia | Malta

E46 M3 | A True Unicorn

From August 21st to September 1st, my European road trip with my cherished BMW E46 M3 took me through breathtaking landscapes and iconic destinations. As I journeyed from Malta to Sicily, Italy, Austria, Germany, and back (more than 4500KM ), one weekend stood out as an exceptional highlight, making my adventure truly unforgettable, all thanks to the BMW Performance Car Club (BMWPCC).

The BMWPCC organized a series of incredible events that added a unique dimension to my journey, beginning with an unforgettable Friday at Motorworld, the most thrilling automotive experience one could imagine.

On that unforgettable Friday when we arrived in Munich, I had the privilege of visiting Motorworld in Germany, a haven for car enthusiasts. However, this visit was not just about admiring exotic vehicles; it was about immersing myself in the heart of automotive excellence.

The most memorable part of the day was when I was invited by BMW themselves to park and showcase my BMW E46 M3 indoors in their BMW studio at Motorworld. To any automotive enthusiast, this is akin to a dream come true. Surrounded by legendary BMW models, supercars, hypercars and a captivating atmosphere, I felt a sense of belonging and pride that words can hardly capture.

But this was just the beginning of an extraordinary weekend. On Saturday, BMWPCC organized a visit to the BMW Welt | BMW Museum in Munich, where we as a club gained exclusive access to rare BMW models of which some were not available for the general public, including the limited-production BMW 3.0 CSL, an experience that left me in awe. We were also given the opportunity to not only see, but also open and hop in these very special cars.

The day continued with a visit to BMW Group Classic, where, once again, we were allowed to park our BMWs indoors, all thanks to BMWPCC. This unique privilege not only celebrated my passion for BMW but also deepened my appreciation for the brand's heritage.

On Sunday, I had the distinct honor of placing my car right in front of the BMW Welt, an iconic location that serves as the gateway to the world of BMW. It was a moment of sheer delight and pride to have my BMW E46 M3 as part of this prestigious backdrop, made only possible by BMWPCC.

These moments at Motorworld, the BMW Welt, Museum, and Classics were more than just automotive experiences; they were a testament to the passion, craftsmanship, and innovation that define the BMW brand. They added an extra layer of magic to my European road trip, turning it into an adventure filled not only with breathtaking landscapes but also with the unforgettable memories of encountering some of the finest automobiles in the world in places where dreams come true for any car enthusiast, thanks to the incredible efforts of the BMWPCC.

My European adventure, with its scenic routes and BMW-centric highlights, was truly a journey of a lifetime, and I owe it all to the BMWPCC for making it possible and unforgettable.

Meeting the members of the BMW Performance Car Club (@bmwpcc) from Germany, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the UK was an absolute blast! We all share a passion for BMW that knows no borders. What made it even more special was the personalized frame the club gifted me, bearing their logo and my initials. It's a keepsake that'll remind me of this fantastic weekend and the incredible people I met.

Exploring BMW hotspots like the Welt, Museum, Classics, and Motorworld together was an automotive enthusiast's dream come true. We laughed, talked cars, and created memories that'll last a lifetime.

Thanks to BMW Performance Car Club, we proved that BMW love is a universal language that brings people from all over the world together. Until our next adventure on the road! #BMWPCC #BMWEnthusiasts #GlobalPassion #bmwmpower #BMW #bmwm

Here's some of the good fun of this journey.

Driving in SicilyOn the

Off to Motorworld

Hanging around with the Boyz

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